Sunday, January 29, 2012

See Ya’s Abound

We don’t say good bye, we say See Ya because we will.  At least we better….

The day started with the gathering of the guys at the fire pit at 8 AM.  Then it was off to the Subway at the Pilot truck stop for breakfast.  Subway has a pretty decent breakfast for a fast food place.

Then we went to the big tent.  I talked with Verizon about getting the internet.  They now want $50 a month for the basic WiFi.  I can see $35 but not $50. I just don’t see it right now.  So, I will become one of THOSE people who are always looking to sponge off  people or find hotspots.  If you don’t see a daily blog entry that is why.  I will do a blog for each day but they might not get entered for 3-4 days and all at one time.

Back at the Beast and a few people have left.  Tomorrow it’s going to be like a big suction when we all leave.

Silly Al’s for diner we thought.  This was usually a time when we celebrated Carol’s and Walt’s birthday with friends.  Due to a lack of communication and last minute changes that we were not informed of, we skipped Silly Al’s.  We decided it was better to have a quiet diner by ourselves at a small restaurant.

Later that night we had a real big fire and burned the rest of the firewood. 

See ya……