Monday, April 18, 2011

What’s Next?

This cabinet work was all of Carol & my design. RV Renovators knows how to build cabinets for houses and are learning for RVs. We had some very rough times but they adjusted to us more than us to them.  Since we were the customer that’s the way a professional should work. I taught them a lot like how to build slide out drawers for computers and printers.  The fact that space is very valuable as are items have to be lightweight and durable. RVers love cubby holes. They did have trouble matching the tone of our cherry wood that we aren’t overly happy with.  I will refinish Carol’s area down the road with a tone that has more red vice darker tone of cherry. Overall, we would return with very blunt “I want this” attitude and “I want it done this way or you tell me why not.”

So here we go…my area. That’s a cabinet for behind the couch you see on the that’s the couch we ordered on the internet and had delivered to
RV Renovators.DSC_0001

This is about how we lived on their lot and why we had to leave after two weeks then return.DSC_0002

Carol’s area in the workingDSC_0003

Her little kingdom.  I designed and she redesigned. I installed the carpet at Denny’s.DSC_0004

This is my new area.  We stopped at Office Max and got this chair.  It’s leather and has a dark red tone to it and was listed for $179 on sale for $159 and none in stock. Carol offered a $100 bucks for the floor sample and they accepted it. Go girl!DSC_0005

This cabinet sets next to the driver’s chair when it’s turned around.  Also, it can be used by couch potatoes.DSC_0006

See the narrow strip of wood next to the window shade near the center of the picture?  We had them made for each shade (2) in the driving area. It holds the shade in for night privacy.  DSC_0008


This is the cabinet behind the couch.  Also know as the cat’s viewing & runway area.DSC_0009

The cabinet on the left is what we had them made.  It also has a tiny drawer.  This is Carol’s side and I have one also. We got this space by cutting the king size platform to a queen size and putting in a queen bed. Carol & I did that at Denny’s too!DSC_0011

Well folks, it’s all done…kinda.  Now comes the putting our “stuff” in place.  That will just take a little time for the big stuff and a long time to fine tune.  We as RVers are always fine tuning it seems like.

We arrived at Western Horizon Camp Verde Campground about 7 PM.  It was a nice 135 mile drive. The Beast was just getting warmed up.

Late yesterday we got one of “those” phone calls you don’t want from Carol’s brother in Baltimore.  Their Mom had a heart attack and is the hospital. She’s doing OK and will remain for 48-72 hours for tests/observation. We are in the stand by mode. She is still going thru her chemo and had just finished another phase of it last Thursday.  Mentally she’s presently going thru “I don’t want to live anymore phase” which some of you know personally isn’t a good stage for relatives also.

See ya……..

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