Monday, April 4, 2011

More LEDs & Boo Boo Cabinets

I decided to go with more LEDs.  I had to go to another Camping World down the road.  The one across the street ran out of the LEDs I needed. I wonder why. I added two more in the rear lights and one on each side of the coach for the side markers/turn signals.  In the rear I got 3 LED lights on each side for a total of six.  The ICC lights (on top) are single LED lights. The ones I installed I think were 13 LEDs each.  If I can’t blind them with the shiny wheels anymore I will blind them with the LED lights.

About 2 PM they started bringing in the base cabinets.  About 2:30 they were taking them out. They weren’t cut to the size we requested. No pictures of them. Most were about 7 inches to big.  No problem they said.  They cut down the bedroom cabinets and returned them cut right.

DSC_0004 DSC_0005

They took back the front face of my cabinets back also because I wanted two pen drawers.  DSC_0003

They were very sorry and started correcting the problems immediately.  Tomorrow they will be doing the flooring in Carol’s area and bring in my cabinets again and the couch. This is the start of Carol’s base.DSC_0006


The self proclaimed Hydro Hot expert here RV Renovators looked at our system.  He said that the system is already hooked up to the engine but no pump installed.  So, he said he has a used pump and would give me a price tomorrow.   I figure go ahead and have him install it since we have been traveling in chilly weather the last few years.  This is the system that heats the coach with the engine going down the road.  This is sweet.  Some gas rigs have a system similar to this.

See ya………….

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