Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rainy Days


I started the rainy day with making breakfast for Carol.  I tried to serve it to her in bed but she got up to quick.  After breakfast she headed out to look for carpets. We put down carpets on the tile floor in cold weather. We will be in cold/cool weather during this summer.  I headed to the computer and the calendar.  Trying to figure our short term schedule is hard to do when you are still pending RV work at two facilities. We would like to meet Sharon & Don this week.  They’re schedule is pretty tight. 

A lot of RVers do have some type of schedule because of (no special order) camping reservations, to meet friends, rallies, relatives, doctor’s, maintenance, holidays, places of interest and so on.  True there are times when we get up and decide if we are leaving or not but they are becoming rarer and rarer because of all the things above. I’m not complaining not even a little bit.  We love this life style. When we are down in the dumps it’s when we are in a repair facility because it’s keeping us from our life style! We make a schedule and it’s based on our needs/desires.  When we go to Alaska we have no date schedules but rather a route that we will probably keep to for the most part. No reservations anywhere at all.  We will have a tour saver book that will be our main schedule  when we get near those areas of the activity.

NASCAR was good today but not great…..

See ya………

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