Thursday, April 21, 2011

Early Bird Gets A Neighbor

We got up at 2:30 AM and departed by 3 AM. Drove 100 miles to Phoenix and let Carol out at the airport. No more waiting with your love ones to see them off.  I got back to the Beast by 7 AM with 200 miles under my belt.  About 8 AM I was moving down the road to TTN Verde Valley.  I got all settle in by about 10 AM and had a real nice site. DSC_0003

I forgot to take the magnets off the side of the Beast.  Got a neighbor right next to me and we now share the green grass between us – door to door.  Friggin 30 sites around and he picks this one next to me.  Those damn magnets. Oh well…….guess I will make a friend.

I walked down to the nearby river and took these pictures. DSC_0010


These ducks must be RVers enjoying just being by themselves for now.DSC_0012

I think my Pressure Pro tire monitoring system is working A OK now.  I got a antennae repeater because I was having trouble monitoring some of my rear tires. The repeater is suppose to do away with that trouble.  Bob Pinner and Denny Orr basically installed it and I was the gaffer.  Well, it didn’t work when I was moving.  I moved the repeater around and finally this short trip it read fine.

It was so windy today, it blew the sun to the other side of the rig.

It was so windy today, I didn’t see anybody walking that weighed less than 200 lbs. Since people over 200 lbs don’t walk a lot – I didn’t see anybody outside.

It was so windy today, when I walked the dog I had to put weights on her.

Yes, it was windy today.

Carol’s Mom update:  Carol was with here most of the evening. Yes, she had a heat attack but no apparent damage. The cause was unknown only conjecture according to John Hopkins of Baltimore. She goes home tomorrow, Friday.  Carol will return 1 May and we will continue on our journey – North To Alaska.

See Ya…….

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