Thursday, April 14, 2011


Don & Sharon arrived today. SDC11261

So, what do SKPs do when friends arrive – EAT.  Everyone came over that evening and brought a little something to eat.  Here we all set waiting for the go ahead – ladies first…SDC11257

We played some games and watched American Idol.  I was the only guy playing games with the girls.  Since I was out numbered and didn’t want to embarrass them, I let them win.

RV Renovators called and said that the cabinets weren’t ready because of not being able to match the handles.  A little late in the game to figure that out. They said they just ordered them from Newmar and they would be in Monday.  I said for them to call us when the cabinets are ALL done and ready to install.

Several people have suggest I go to Cummins in Phoenix to have the engine checked out for poor fuel mileage (5.6 mpg).  I will give them a call tomorrow and check them out

See ya…………….

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