Monday, April 11, 2011

Here We Go….

I paid our taxes yesterday and diesel went up 15 cents a gallon last night.  What's up with that?

We arrived at Massey’s Diesel & RV Repair ahead of our schedule time. They took us right in and had the tag all apart within a half hour.  They checked everything out.  The bearings were still way over tighten one side and the other side was just beyond specs.  They put it all back together and “dialed in” the bearings.  The shop manager took us out on a fifteen minute test drive.  When we returned he checked both sides of the tag and said everything was good to go.  We called RV Renovators and they did not have are cabinets ready so we said we will call them tomorrow. About this time it was lunch time.  We went down the road to Sam’s for lunch.  Great filling lunch for under $3. 

We decided oh well we might as well give the tag axle a check out ourselves. We went to North Ranch and surprised Denny & Susie along with a bunch of other friends at their 4 o’clock.  After that get together we went out with Denny & Susie to one of their favorites Mexican restaurants.

It was real nice being around friends again.  Thank You all….

I didn’t see our NASCAR buddy here at North Ranch though.  He must have been watching reruns that he slept thru.

See ya…………….

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