Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Calm Before The ?????

Carol wanted to go to Walmart.  So being a future geographical bachelor I stocked up on a lot of good “stuff”. I mean the really good STUFF!SDC11289

We returned to the rig to get more situated with our cabinets and storage bins below. I would bring one bin up. Then Carol would unload it.  Then later it seems like I would have take two bins back down.SDC11293

When we return we will go this place.  We’ve heard it’s outstanding and we like these type of animal parks.SDC11292 

We went to one of Nick’s and Terry’s favorite Chinese Buffets in the area.  It was pretty good but not as good as the one in Celina, OH across from Wal-mart.  We might have to have a Buffet taste off there.  Nick has his favorite there and we have our favorite there. I don’t think we have eaten at the other’s recommendation.SDC11290

That night we watched American Idol and went to bed by 9:30 PM. We have to get up about 2:30 AM tomorrow and get Carol to the Phoenix airport. She will be flying out to Baltimore Thursday. Plus I got to move the Beast down the road to Thousand Trails Verde Valley.  The hospital where Carol’s Mom is at decided to transfer her to John Hopkins Thursday and have them do what they need to do. Carol should be there by then.

See Ya….

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