Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pow Wow & Concerns

Our workers have ceased doing our work and are doing other RV’s. Carol and I asked to have a meeting with the Service Mgr, Shop Foreman and the Cabinet Maker. After one hour of us moaning and groaning their priorities changed – they saw the light.. We were suppose to be done today and their not expecting parts until Friday and casually mentioned for us to cancel our tag axle appointment next Monday.  They saw the light and will work this weekend.  We will keep our other appointment whether they are done or not.  A lack of planning on their part does not mean us screwing up another shop’s schedule by rescheduling. They saw the light. They responded like professionals and appeared to have actually agreed and addressed our concerns with actions.  Hey if you are right and it’s oblivious then let’s start doing it right and go on.  They saw the light which was Carol and mine disappointment in RV Renovators at this point.

I mentioned this a while back that if a business is not doing what they say, bring it to their attention and give them a chance to fix it.  Then hold them accountable.  A good company will see the light…..

RV Renovators had our carpet cleaned today.  It got dirty quick when we pulled off the sticky factory plastic up several weeks ago.  DSC_0001 DSC_0002

They installed an extra pump in the Hydro Hot so now we will have heat from the engine heating our interior going down the road.DSC_0003

Do you see it?  Probably not! It’s a 50 foot 5th wheel behind this 40 foot Farton.DSC_0006

Nope it’s not a park model not even a toy hauler and I was told the guy is pulling it with a one ton dually.  I call it criminally dangerous! DSC_0009

The boys worked steady today and were “geten ur dun”………….

See Ya……….

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