Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Monday

Our cat decided to set on the steering wheel at 3 AM this morning.  Yes, the horn is on the wheel. After two blasts I was out the bed and running up front as she was tooting for the third time.  I didn’t turn on any interior lights so nobody knew it was us.  I didn’t know it at the time but this was a start of a not so good day. I couldn't get back to asleep of course.  I tried to get on the internet for some unknown reason. After  hours of trying to “fix” it I stored the thing for transport.  I’m glad that worked. Then I just reviewed notes about Alaska.

I arrived at the RV dealer that was an authorized Cummins dealer.  I checked this place out the other day and in person. I arrived a half hour early and they took the RV in the back immediately.  There it sat until after 10 AM.  About 11 AM the tech wanted to talk to me.  I figured great. Wrong. He commenced to school me about my fuel mileage.  After a few minutes I asked him what was wrong and he said he couldn’t find anything wrong and I would be charged $100 for the test.  I had a tissy.  The results were that they didn’t have the software to do a complete diagnostic just a fuel mileage check. The test doesn't check components it’s a friggin of how the fuel mileage was attained – it’s a read out only - no testing - worthless in this case. Then I really had a bigger tissy. Bottom line a half day lost, paid the $100 and spent another $100 in fuel. 

I get back to my site at the campground and I now have an additional neighbor next to me within three feet of my driver side.  This place is getting empty and these fellow RVers parked right next to my car in the sight.  I got a neighbor on both sides of me with empty sites all over the place.  OK – what ever, I hope they enjoy the smell and noise my Aqua Hot diesel on that side.

Next the datastorm (internet) dish would not come on and go up. I called Steve O’Bosky my “Go To Man”. After several short calls he determined it was my router that died.  I went to Walmart and bought exactly the router he said to buy. I returned back to the Beast. I followed the router’s instructions to the tee and it worked. The dish went up and found the satellite within 5 minutes.  I called Steve back and gave him a big Thank You..

Now it’s about 5 PM and I decided not to do anything of importance due to my bad day and not wanting anything else to be a disaster. It was a quiet evening at that point.

I went to some old pictures and some good and funny memories.DSC_0022




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See ya……………..

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