Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just Another Nice Day

Here’s the view out of my computer area.  We were assigned to the only space available in the rear of the park for this size of RV.  That means the staff doesn’t know what sites will take big rigs. Almost all empty sites would have taken the Beast but we were very content as it turns out.  The views were great. DSC_0001

We walked down to the river.  To me it appeared to be a creek but I’m from Texas.  It would have been a blast to Kayak. Time and situations did not permit us and Nick and Terry to do it this time. They were squeezed for time just like we were but still came over for a visit. It was nice to be able to share and not worry about outside things going on like a rally.  Hopefully down the road we can spend more time with them during both of our down times.DSC_0002

We were backed up to the property line and it was a very short walk to the river.DSC_0003

We went out to dinner with Nick and Terry and Greg and Jan to one of their favorite restaurants, the La Fonda . It was a very short distance from the park.  SDC11287 

This is one of those rare pictures you can say  the picture did not do it justice.  This looks like the results after a rough night of drinking.  Ughhhhhh.  It was really great. It’s a chili relleno, enchilada & taco at least it was at the beginning.SDC11288

Tomorrow we got to do our Super Wal-Mart fix.  Then get ready for Carol’s fly out to Baltimore.  Today we found out that her Mom will have some exploratory surgery done Wednesday. Results will determine what they do next.  I will drive Carol to Phoenix tomorrow night about 2-3 AM (Thur). It’s a 100 miles plus and it’s an early flight. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Carol’s working on her “Honey Do” list for me already.Then I get back to the park and pack up the Beast and move down the road to the Thousand Trails park.

See ya……….

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