Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Here We Go

They are building a storage area behind the couch too. The tops should be going on tomorrow. The drawers will be picked up Thursday.  Then the fronts will be picked Friday. Both were out sourced. DSC_0002-1


Tomorrow they will also be extending Carol’s platform out another 4 inches and installing her base and top. The extra 4 inches is to give support for Carol’s glider.DSC_0003-1 

We received a $50 gift certificate for the OutBack Steakhouse from some real good friends at Christmas.  We haven’t been to one of these places in 10 years.  I got a steak and Carol got crab cakes and steak.  The steaks were fair at best (chewy some) and the crab cakes were delicious accordingly to Carol. I ordered mashed taters with my steak.  That’s all I got – mashed taters with nothing on them.  The manger stopped by for a cordial visit and asked how our meal was.  I told him and asked him if he had anything to put on my mashed taters.  He said no not really.  I asked why and it seemed to have puzzled him for about the 5 seconds.  He had no reply just a look of bewildered that someone would ask such a thing.  I just said that’s OK,  I 'ill take them home and put something on them.  He said OK and wandered off into his world of taters with nothing on them…  It will be another 10 years before we go back unless we get another free gift certificate.  If we do, I will take my own stick of butter for my taters and order fish.  Oh, the blooming onion was good.

See Ya………………

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