Friday, April 8, 2011

Still Not Ready

Well, it’s Friday afternoon and they are missing all the fronts of drawers/cabinets.  We have to leave Sunday late or Monday early for our tag axle appointment Monday across town. We will not cancel it. We will return to RV Renovators when they are ready to install the completed products.  Their 7-10 day job as turned into  two weeks plus and some bad feelings.  Their Service Writer, (fast) Eddy, is not to come in contact with us or near us or our rig. This comes from his boss.  When fast Eddy’s lips are moving he’s fertilizing the local area..  Sounds familiar?  That’s what I think of most RV sales people and that is what he was.  We had words this morning.  He doesn’t like being held accountable for what he says. That’s what I was doing and it was in front of his boss. He’s been part of the problem from the get go.  They have pointed us towards the exit and have shut down for the weekend. They gave us a key to get in & out.

DSC_0001 DSC_0002

We got to go get some demouser – (mouse killer).  We have to get rid of our new visitor.  I think it’s a relative of Fast Eddy.

It’s suppose to pour down rain tonight, tomorrow and part of Sunday.  Oh well, the “Beast” needed a wash down anyhow.

35 days to go…….

See ya…………..

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