Sunday, April 17, 2011

Here We Go Back

First a word about Blog comments…I can receive and read them and I  thank you for them but can’t publish them all the time. I don’t know why.  I click on the button that says “publish” but they don’t get there 100%. If you need to get an answer then include your email in your comment. I will respond within a few months…….smile.

Sad to say we left our good friends at Congress, AZ and headed for Mesa, AZ and RV Renovators. We left about 4:30 PM so as not to arrive at the repair shop at dark.  Good thing too.  It was a very enjoyable 100 miles from Congress.  We arrived and determined the best place to park was as close as we could get to the cabinet shop.  They probably don’t want us parking in the actual repair area but that’s just too bad.  If they ask us to move – no problem.  We will just keep on movin down the road.  We are tired of telling these people how to build cabinets for RVs – duh….. Hopefully everything will be done and they can get it all installed (Monday) like they said they would last Friday.

We will leave here and go to Western Horizon Verde Valley for several days. Maybe we can get these Kayaks wet with Nick & Terry.  I think we all deserve it.  We’ve had reservations there for over a month and have had to change them due to unforeseen things like doing a job right.  From there we will go to the Thousand Trails Verde Valley until around the 3rd of May I think it is. We then head for Salt Lake City so Cummins can do a diagnostic on the “Beast’s” heart.  It’s sucking up to much fuel (5.6) which they agreed when I talked to them. I hope it’s not the turbo unless they got one handy.  For that matter I hope it’s one those computer adjustments…’s all warranty!

See ya…………..

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