Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So Cool!

About 8 AM Denny Orr said to me, “You wanta go for a quick ride?”  I was out the door.  He had borrowed a friend’s Razor 4 wheel drive vehicle (big 2 seater ATV). He let me drive it and we we were off.  I got that little hummer up to 40 mph a couple of times on a trail.  This trail we were on is important later on and I will explain why then.  Half hour later we were back at Denny’s place.  Him and some other guys had already planned an outing of four wheelers that day.  They had no extra room/ATVs.  That was alright.  I had my little blast and it was so cool.  A few minutes later I get another knock on the door.  “Hey we got another ATV you can use if you want to join us”.  At that moment I was busy. I had a hard time pulling my pants up and wiping at the same time and rushing out the door.  I had such a blast.  It was so cool.  I hadn’t done any ATVing probably in about 20 years or so and that was with our son. We had two racing ATV’s back then. We ended with 6 ATV’s and eight people on this outing.  Two were two seaters.   Here’s some pics and you will get the jest of it.

 SDC11214 SDC11217 SDC11219 SDC11221 SDC11222 SDC11223 SDC11224 SDC11226 SDC11228 SDC11234

And then it happened.  Remember early that morning Denny & I went out in the Razor and we went on a small windy trail.  Will this is where it happened. Bob Pinner and Denny Orr rolled over and ended hanging upside down in their Razor.  Nobody got hurt and Denny got a bad scrape on his forearm. The Razor had some plastic damage and paint scrapes. They rolled it back over and called it a day.  Now this was a borrowed ATV and a very expensive one at that.  Later that evening Bob & Denny returned it to the owner.  Both were feeling pretty bad about the damage.  Bob was the driver and was upset with himself that he damaged the borrowed ATV and was willing to pay for ALL repairs. The owner refused and said that as long as nobody got hurt he was very happy and OK with it.  They all departed as friends for sure. That was so cool too.

Here they are before the accident. Nice roll cage!SDC11231 SDC11230

Our cabinets weren’t ready yet.  Maybe Wednesday!

Denny & I worked on my windshield wiper water squirter motor. It never worked. We took the little motor apart and it was corroded probably from not being used for over three years. Went down to the local auto store and damn if they didn’t have the replacement.  Talk about lucky.  Now I can squirt my windows.

Later that evening we all plus a few others went to the American Legion for Taco Tuesday.  It was nice.

See ya……………

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