Saturday, April 2, 2011

Finally Got It installed

Yes I finally got the freezer tray slide installed.  It’s pretty neet.  I’ve had this freezer for 7 years and it was used when I got it. That’s a camp fire story. It was pretty easy to install it. It now slides out pretty far.  No more lifting it out to see what’s in it.DSC_0007

We’ve been carrying a lot of “stuff” in the car along with the freezer slide. Now that it’s out we can rearrange the car. The sodas went into the freezer and set on low.DSC_0008


Ken from Magne Shade  came out to get the wrinkles out of the windshield cover.  It looked terrible after I installed it.  Well, after about a half hour of removing and realigning the magnets he was finished.  Now it looks damn good.  Ken invited us out to his place which is about 35 miles from here.  We are going to try and meet Don & Sharon there we we get done with our repair list.DSC_0010

Here’s where I keep our outside temp gauges.  They are in the shade too. The reason I say this is that it hit 98 degrees today. Hottest day yet and I had to work outside to get the freezer in…OK….  It cooled down to 71 at night.  Not much coffee drank by us.DSC_0011

Here’s where we are setting this weekend.  Nobody here and they gave us a key to the big gate to get in and out.DSC_0012

Carol drove around back and we did a dump and fill.  I used their dump hose and learned a lesson (again).  Use you own dump hoses and pull the grey water first just for a minute to see if everything works.  I knew that but I had a brain fart.  Speaking of such, it was brown water inside the bay.  I think it should call it the brown bay instead of the water bay. I always use our own water hose.  To fill up with water I have to turn on three valves.  After a half hour and no water I figured out I turned on only two.  After a half hour of no water, “Here’s your sign”. With that adventure all done, Carol drove back to our spot.

We had a couple of cool drinks and a quiet evening.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to work on a way to lift the mud flap so it doesn't get damaged when parking.

4 weeks till we arrive at ………….

See ya…………….

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