Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finally The Little “Stuff”

It was time to tackle my little stuff that I’ve been wanting to do but just never got around to..

At 7 AM I was working on the mud flap.  Damage usually occurs when an RV is deflating the air bags to set up and the RV is backed up a slight hill.  True there are other ways but I believe this is the most common.  So I basically got two eye hooks earlier this past decade.  I just drilled two holes and viola – it’s done.  Those two straps will be replaced by a rubber strap which is a lot stronger.  Plus if I know I’m going to be running in gravel I can now raise the flap up a few inches so as not to hit the high points in the gravel road.  If a mud flap is too low it can actually cause more damage to the tow vehicle.  Low mud flaps behind the tires are great. DSC_0002-1 DSC_0001-1


Then the back up camera was next. It needed to be adjusted out so I could see cars behind the tow car just a little bit.  Here’s the camera without the cover on it.  Just some hex screws to loosen to adjust then put the cover back on.DSC_0005-1

I can still see the tow bar where it attaches to the car.  The camera starts just about where the little green man is.  I like it this way.DSC_0004-1


Tail lights next. Hey I was going for it.  Camping World Mesa was a walk across the street. They had LED lights but it still took two trips.  I did my brake lights and rear turn signals. They really look sharp when tested and that’s in daylight.  There 13 LEDs in each.  Three on the end and ten around the sides. I was going for the side marker/turn signals but Camping World’s inventory was low. I will get them. I tried these LED’s later at night and “WOW” they are nice!DSC_0006-1

Now it’s time to get back to NASCAR ………..DSC_0007-1

NASCAR is over..good race…

Well, I’m pushing my luck now.  I’m going for the LED (9) sensor porch light.  OK, it took the most time. The new did not match the old like it might on some coaches. It looks like a Bubba installed it but I didn’t have to pay him. Later that night I checked it out and it works – cool. I know I will always have a job at Tiffin, right Bob & Molly?DSC_0008-1 DSC_0012-1

Next I washed around the top across the front and the sides above the driver and here at the entrance.

Now what?  It was time to check the batteries.  It’s a bitch because the cables are short and I have to loosen them up to get the tops off.  They were all looking good and no need to add distilled water to them.  Good to go.  I will check them again in six weeks up north.  I checked/filled them I think around late January and in early March.  They were new and installed in early January.

I even had more tools out at one time.DSC_0010-1

Pretty good day if I say so myself.  I only have to install the LP connector at the tank and that will take care of MY things to do.  It can wait for another day or month.

See ya…………

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