Friday, April 15, 2011

Normal Day

Howdy all.  Carol started off her day by attending a line dancing class for two hours this AM. In the meantime I called Cummins Phoenix and they can’t do a diagnostic on the engine for a week.  They said yes their is something definitely wrong if it’s only 5.6 MPG. I called Cummins Salt Lake City and they said for me to call back about 3-4 days before I want an appointment.  We will give them a call accordingly so we can stop on our way north.  Cummins Hq gave me a call responding back to my email I sent them the day before.  They said they’re were no active updates on this engine.  I should have but didn’t ask them what about the retired updates? My bust. they also said that the dealer might have some updates that they don’t.  That was puzzling coming from Cummins headquarters. Maybe I just ain’t getting it.  Oh well as long as they get the”Beast” up into the mid to high 7 MPG I will be stone happy for sure.

LED time again.  I got some side marker/turn signals fixtures last week.  Well today was install and move day.  These babies are awsome.SDC11271

I had the LED bulbs in the markers before but really liked the LED fixture. I moved the old LED bulb to the front turn signals.SDC11272

Might as well show you the “Beast’s” butt again.  All LED bulbs. They have three LED lights straight in that you can see and then more around the sides of the bulb itself. I think each one had a total of either 13 or fifteen LEDsSDC11273

We can’t leave cooking pans out. This cat, Patches, loves to set in them.SDC11270

This kitty, Rainbow, just loves to lay next to her computer for obvious reasons. Yep, that’s her on the screen.SDC11276

Yep we had another meeting of the minds.  Not much was discovered though! Rare picture of me.SDC11278

Are those grey hairs at the root of this picture? I believe so.  Maybe I should enlarge it! I’m glad this isn’t Carol.  I would have no brownies points because I would be dead. SDC11281

We played Chase the Ace and had a blast hammering who ever sat to your left. It was getting pretty late and everyone had to get back to their RVs. It was almost 7 PM.

Oh, RV Renovators called this morning and said that our cabinet handles and knobs were in.  I told them we would be there Monday morning for them to install the completed cabinets. I think they wanted us to drop everything and rush to them today. Not even at this point – 3 weeks!

So, see ya………

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