Sunday, April 10, 2011

Five Days Early!

We got up this morning and went looking for a breakfast eatery. We found a nice little place called Grandma’s Kitchen.  It was on the edge of Old Mesa that was trying to hold on.  It was a very nice restaurant.  The decor was fitting and nice. Then we went looking for Massey's Diesel & RV Repair. We have an appointment for tomorrow to repair our tag axle.  It will be a very interesting day.  We found the place and it will be an easy in and out.  Back home it was that time.  What time is “that time”.  It’s tax Preparation Time better known by me as Preparation H Time. Well, after about 7 hours we became poorer.  We made less last year but are paying a lot more – a hellva lot more in taxes.  What’s wrong with that picture. Oh well, I’m sure our Congress, if at work, will spend it wisely on a bridge that don’t go anywhere. Hey, life continues on…….

Oh, I was at a real nice truck stop today before we got back.  I found some real nice LED side markers/turn signals with many LEDs.  Done deal.  They also have a CB shop which I will try to check out tomorrow for an antennae system for my Stryker 100 watt CB radio. It’s a dead man's radio.  That’s a campfire story.

The rain has gone and the temperatures are going back up.  So is our morale..

See ya…………

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