Saturday, April 23, 2011

Might As Well Do It

I was thinking about getting the engine checked out at a RV dealer in Prescott that was a Cummins authorized service center. This would save some time down the road. So I figured I would drive the 55 miles to check it out first. Plus, I enjoy driving the roads around AZ.  Since I was close to Cottonwood I figured I would drive route 89 to Prescott in the car first. As I got close to Jerome there was a sign no vehicles over 50 feet.  Wow, I could take the RV this way.  On the other end of route 89 starting in Congress and heading towards Prescott there is another sign.  It says no trucks over 40 feet.  I drove that in a car and decided I could take a 43 footer it would be a lot of turns, etc but doable.  From this end I figured it would be a piece of cake since the sign said nothing over 50 feet.  Wrong dragon breath.  It isn’t safe for anything over 25 feet maybe 30 feet.  Over that it’s just down right extremely dangerous.  Over a dozen blind spot turns, very narrow spots and spots in Jerome where a turn might not even have been possible without backing up several times.  It reminded me of the Long Long Long Trailer movie. The drive itself was nice past Jerome.  Jerome looks very interesting and maybe Carol & I – no me and & Carol will check it out. Proper English just doesn’t sound right sometimes.


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I got to Prescott and found Affinity RV. Nice looking place and I did a self tour of the shop area.  Looks good.  Then I went in and talked to the people.  I got an appointment for Monday at 9 AM under warranty.

Coming back I took route 169 which seemed mostly flat with slow rolling hills. It was about the same distance too.

I got our mail that was forwarded to us by the Escapees.  It had the Alaska Tour Saver coupon book in it. I done gone thru it and marked the places and things to do.  If you are going to do the tourist thing in Alaska like sight seeing in planes, ATVs, museums, boat tours, jet boat tours, water floats or fishing, this book is a must have ( One outing and your cost of buying it pays for itself.  Two activities and you are really saving money. Then it pays for itself.  We’ve used it each time on our trips up north.

Oh I was asked by several people about RV Renovators and getting cabinets made there.  I evidently wasn’t clear enough.  NO! I would never ever have them do base cabinets for me nor would I recommend them to anybody for base cabinets.  Other work like TV conversions seem to be good. These boys need experience with working with constructing cabinets for RVs not houses.  Plus doing what the customer ask for and gives plans/drawings for - they failed to follow submitted written wants. Over priced at this point also.  Real nice people except FAST Eddy the service writer.

See ya………

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