Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On A “Roll” & Shiny Wheels Again

Well, the “Roll Over Gang” decide to go to a fun place for breakfast this morning called Horseshoe Cafe.  Hey, if you are ever in Wickenburg, AZ, this is the place to come and eat a meal. Yes we ate and had fun.  It was great. The waitress only slapped me once with her funny stick. When it was all done the waitress brought me a piece of chocolate pie because I was a good boy.

Back at the rig I decided to clean and make the tag axle wheels shine like the others.  They haven’t been cleaned in several weeks due to the gear oil leaking on them.  I’m still missing a Spartan wheel hub center on one side.  If anyone knows where I can get one, let me know. I will probably get a no name cheap tin one until I find a Spartan good replacement. SDC11242

Denny & I fixed the windshield liquid container in the beast.  It had a very small gasket leak near the bottom where we installed the new water squirter motor yesterday. SDC11243 

Then I finished putting down Carol’s carpet on her throne.  Her new computer station will be going where the white table is at.SDC11241

I was on a “roll” so I installed the extend a stay connector to the main LP tank.SDC11245

Then the Roll Over Line Dancers came out for a couple of hours.SDC11249 SDC11255

Then the “Roll Over Gang” went to the Hog Trough for dinner.  Yes it is called the Hog Trough. It was pretty dog on good.  Everybody just loved the cole slaw and the beans.  Then the roasted chicken and ribs – very good.

I called RV Renovators earlier today to make sure the cabinets were ready like they said.  Nobody was available so I left a message to call me back with the secretary. I guess their not done because they didn’t return my call. I don’t think anybody had the nerve to tell me they weren’t done again!

We’re not moving from North Ranch until we hear that our cabinets our done.  Then we just might have them wait.

See ya……..

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