Friday, April 22, 2011

Fuel mileage and then gone to the birds

I always want to know what I can get in mileage out of a tank of fuel if I had to. I think it’s a guy thing. We want to know what our limits are so we can push them if we have to.  Which we seem to do sometimes. This Beast has a 150 gallon fuel tank – that’s nice.  I would like to count on at least 7 mpg when this Beast is fixed. Then say 135 gallons of very usable fuel and still be reasonably safe. That comes to 945 miles of cruising miles. That’s what I’m talking about. That will help on the trip to Alaska. There will be times that fuel will be 50 cents difference in different areas. I rather get fuel when I want rather than when I have to.  Picking my own fuel stops anywhere in the USA can save breakfast money real quick.

I heard Obama is declaring war on fuel prices.  Duh, who woke him up. Well, here’s another war we will never win!

Wow, this time three weeks we should be at Mile Post O.  For those few that don’t know what Mile Post 0 is, it’s the start of the Alaska Highway.  This the not so famous one – it’s the original one in downtown Dawson Creek, BC.DSC_0020

Time is starting to speed up a little.  Don & Sharon are going to meet us in Salt Lake City in about 10 days.  Larry & Marilyn might try to meet us there too. Can you say chew chew like a train…… smile. We had another couple drop out of our “gang” to Alaska.  Things happen for sure and plans are always in jello I say. We have to be flexible and usually like that ability in this life style and life in general for that matter.

Here we are half way up Denali (Mt McKinley) in 2009 and we just did a glacier landing. That was one off my bucket list. Might do it again.DSC_0180

These pictures I just pulled off our old blog so it lost some clarity.  This shot I really liked with the wing tips touching the water and a very young eagle with the look.DSC_0075[3][1]

This is just another good one.  DSC_0068

As some of you might remember I lost all my pictures, over 5 thousand,  from our 2009 trip to Alaska.  That’s why we are going back. Plus I’ve learned to back up – kinda. Plus Larry Forbes hopefully will be helping me when I get stuck in the backing up.

I keep telling myself more pictures less talk in the blog.

Tomorrow it will be a trip to Prescott the scenic way ?Jermone (en route) is like a little Bisbee.

See ya….

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