Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thank you

When I get comments from my blog, some are emails, I feel very humble.  Some I publish and some ask that I don’t. Some people I know and some I will meet down the road.  Some are famous in the world of RVing which is a surprise to me and some aren’t.  You all are all famous to me because you took a moment to let me share our great Life Style with you.  It might not seem like it at times because of my negative comments about a situation.  I guarantee I wouldn’t change this in it’s worst case scenario for any other lifestyle. That’s a fact Jack!

I thank you very much for your time.

Toady was a this and that day. This hummingbird was about 50 feet away and I took this shot with a 300 mm lens.  It made me think of my big 500 mm lens.DSC_0005

Here’s the difference.  In the middle of this shot across the skyline is a hole.DSC_0011

With the 500 mm lens you can see the difference. These photos have not been blown up.DSC_0006

One 500 mm lens and yes it is heavy.  I named it The Whale in 2009 in Alaska. I got a mono pole for it.  I use it if I know I got to hold it up for any length of time waiting for shot. The camera attaches to the small end and it becomes heavier of course.DSC_0014

I thought I would decorate my yard for the neighborhood.  Plus I need to get those things off the roof so I could clean the car’s roof real good. I’ve been puting the dog po po in that bottom container next to the table. Both neighbors left within three hours today. DSC_0008

Nobody will recognize us in just another white car. The carriage is all ready to pick up my princess this Sunday. (brownie points)DSC_0010

Then it was time to put Aerospace 303 on the tires.  Since these tires only got 6K miles and are 5 years old, I need to put the good ultra light preventative stuff on them.  No cracks what so ever not even fine ones. Then I wiped the wheels clean afterwards.  Maybe I will wax/polish them in the next few days. I need to bucket wash the Beast but keep putting it off.DSC_0009  

This cat was snoring as it was sunning. DSC_0013 

Do you believe who they kicked off American Idol?  That was the best “good bye” performance of all time. The judges looked stunned!

See ya….

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