Sunday, November 2, 2014

Which One Which Way & Alaska Fish Fry

Today was ride day.  But which motorcycle do I take.  The 30 year old antique with so much history or the 2012 that’s still begging to be ridden.  The 2012 won because I could touch my fleet flat footed.  Mark and I met down at the local gas station.  We filled up with hi test and we were off not really positive where we would end up.  The morning air was brisk would be a nice way of saying it was on the cold side probably in the low 50’s as we left.  Gloves were much needed along with a heavy jacket.  We were ready.

We drove south of Livingston about 40 miles.  Then about 70 miles north east.  We had lunch in Woodville and it was really good and appreciated.  Then another 80 miles via a different route back to our gas station.  About a mile from the gas station my bike started to sputter a little, then a lot.  I was running out of gas.  Yepper out of gas.  Yes these things have gauges and this new bike even had two.  Yes, they were reading that I was out of gas.  One even had a count down when I would run out.  You know, it was right on the money too.  Just before the bike started to sputter it said 0 miles to end of range of fuel.  It took 4.9 gallons of fuel in a 5 gallon tank.  Because of the shape of tank, it will not hold 5 gallons.  I was out.  Mark toke a little over 4 gallons I think.  We went 189 miles.  I got about 38 MPG and Mark about 42 MPG.  We both really enjoyed the ride……

About 1 1/2 hours later Carol & I, Mac & Annie were at Mark’s for dinner.  We brought smoked corn.  Mac/Annie brought desserts up the ying yang.  Mark deep fired some halibut and salmon both he had caught while in Alaska.  He used peanut oil and a Louisiana beer batter.  Damn it was so friggin good!!!  Then we got to watch his video of Alaska.  It was damn good also.  I think Mac and Annie are getting the bug.

It was another good day for sure…..

See ya……