Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday - Doing A Little of Nothing

It must be NASCAR race day.  I won’t bore you with what’s happening in NASCAR.  If you don’t know, you don’t care.  If you care, you already know and I don’t need to tell you.  That just might make sense.

Again today we are helping serving breakfast.  Today it was more “hands on” serving.  Serving yesterday was just standing their while people took foiled up egg burritos.  Today was serve them scrabbled eggs, sausage and bacon.  Oh, these are the Boot Camp attendees if you already didn’t know.  Serving food is really something else.   You learn things a lot like saying, “you can come back for seconds” and that “we would like to ensure everyone gets at least one serving.”  Big people do eat a lot and want a lot.  I try to avoid the word fat.  I guess it’s not political correct anymore.  My doctor says I’m obese.  Is it then OK to say a lot of people are obese?  Women are “plus” is that OK?  Hey, fat is fat, grow up.  I’m only fat when I hang around skinny people anyhow.  Or when I try to throw my leg over that Harley.

There’s a nice widowed lady here in the resident park who has a larger utility trailer than what I got.  The Harley would fit real nice maybe even the two of them.  I asked if she would like to sell hers.  No to that.  So I asked maybe a trade and a little money.  She’s interested.  Mine is easier to handle than hers by far.  Carol & I went to Walmart after helping with breakfast and got some wire do dads.  I rewired the trailer connection, put some wire loom on and even did a little black spray painting.  Plus my trailer has a tilt bed.  She looked at it and shyed away.  Oh well, you don’t know tell you try.

I went for a little motorcycle ride today.  Monday it’s suppose to get near 80 degrees.  It will probably be our last really warm day and not too many 70 days left.  Thursday's HIGH is supposed to be about 50.  That means more clothes when I go riding.  Plus I will probably take the new (used) bike because it has a windshield and the old one doesn’t anymore.  I took it off to give it that old time look.  Maybe it was a little to early.  Oh well.

I got to wash this RV and wheels sometime real soon.  I haven’t done anything to it since getting here.  Shame on me.

See ya……………