Monday, November 17, 2014

This & That

I did receive some “stuff” UPS for the RV and the Harleys.  I got some RV wheel cleaner that is suppose to be the ultimate cleaner.  Once it gets warmer, if it does, I will use it and let you know how it performs.  I think this will be the one.

I got a 5” drop hitch for the Jeep so I can tow the M/C trailer level.  I painted the trailer with a spray can that was several years old.  Hey, it turned out fine.  I checked the bearings and their A OK.  I even put the tag on it.  It’s ready for the rail modification now.

I got some motorcycle chaps.  They will go back because they weren't the size that was advertised.  Then I ordered another pair of different brand and larger just a few minutes ago.  They should be here by Friday so I can try them out this weekend, probably Sunday.  I also got what is called a tank bag.  It’s a kinda small bag that attaches to your tank with magnets.  It has a place to put a map in it with a clear window to view as you go down the road.  Pretty neat if it don’t scratch the tank.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I got a routine annual Dr appointment.  Then it’s to the nearby Harley dealer to pick up some ordered stuff.  Carol knew how to get me to the Dr with a Harley dealer nearby.  Then Wednesday she has a follow up Dr appointment down south.  I will take her no problem.  There’s a Harley dealer just down the street there too.

We’re hunkered down like a lot of people for this extra cold spell through out the country.  So be it.  It will go away soon but don’t break out the shorts, winter is here for awhile.

See ya……