Saturday, November 1, 2014

Here We (I) Go….

We were up and it was early too.  We figured we would leave about 7:15 to make it over to Conroe for breakfast at Cracker Barrel about 55 miles away.  Then we went over to Best Buy at 9 AM.  Carol has been wanting a Kindle and finally decided today she was going to get it.   She got her Kindle.   From there it was to the Harley dealer.  Yepper, I (we) now have two Harleys.  Love those finance companies.  Or is it they love us?  Carol went on home via the car to enjoy her new toy.  I rode on down to Houston to enjoy my new toy.  I ended up riding about 140 miles.  For me it will need some adjustment on the suspension.  It was too firm for me.  I like what I call the Greyhound bus ride.  This rode like a little sports car in that if felt most bumps firmly.

Dave and Brenda Neil came over that night.  They both wanted to see the new bike.  DSC_0001 Both sat in the driver seat.  We had to help Brenda get off of it.  Her leg wouldn’t go back over.

Good night my two little Harleys.  I think I can fit a third one in there!DSC_0003

See ya…………