Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Reservations Now For January! ?

Tuesday morning the outside temperature was 68 degrees, unbelievable.  At noon it was 54 degrees.  This week we are suppose to go down to 32 degrees and Sunday in the twenties at night.  It will probably change by then.  It usually does.  Yes, unusual weather for this time of the year as it is in a lot of places.  I emptied out what water we had in the fresh water tank and filled it half way up.  We got a full tank of fuel and half of tank of LP.  We are ready for just about anything…bring it on.

Wednesday I filled our engine DEF tank.  I had three 2 1/2 containers and it took almost all of it.  I had these from our Alaska trip.  I don’t think I will carry that many anymore – maybe just one from now on.DSCN0461

I also started to make reservations for out west around Yuma.  It fills up and can be a hassle at times.  We’re using AOR to stay at Pilot Knob which is in nearby CA.  Then RPI over in Yuma and stay at Yuma Lakes.  During this time we go down to Algodones, MX for meds, eyeglasses and dental.  We also get the rig washed and waxed for about $125.  We do this every year without exception.  Now we will be double towing so this will be interesting as to how/what the park desires are.  The motorcycle trailer can go anywhere but the bike itself will go in our front yard.  Yep, I’ve become one of those.  The sites are dirt so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Then we will move up to Quartzsite like we have been doing for the past 13-14 years.

My medical stuff starts next week with no known big problems.

We’re still in the stage of taking some “stuff” out of the RV.  Early next month we start loading the RV back up.  Nothing major.  We take out stuff we haven’t used and leave it and take some that we THINK we might use.  It’s an ongoing thing every year when you have a storage shed.  Since we live in the RV full time we don’t have to worry about a lot of stuff like part timers do.

Tuesday night we had something special for dinner.  This is only the second time we’ve had Alaskan crab.  This is what remains of two pounds.  We love seafood.DSCN0468 

It’s been a nice quiet day.

See ya………..