Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Little Jaunt

The expected storm did not happen last night.  This morning the sun came out and it was a little humid which made it nice.

Mark came over about 10 AM.  He wanted to adjust the shift cable on the antique Harley before we went for a ride.  I was letting him ride the antique.  He adjusted the shifter with me being the gofor.  Go for this, go for that which I was more than willing to do.  We then went down to the nearby gas station and filled them up.  So we got under way about 11 AM and headed west.  I was the leader.  I had mapped out a backwoods route and had it in the GPS on the tank bag.  It worked fine – kinda.  I had to look down to see the GPS and that ain’t good when your doing about 60 MPH on back roads.  I need to find a mount for a GPS that goes on the handlebars.  It must have the round ball mount for the GPS.  Any help out there?  Our next trip will be this weekend probably.  I have a new large Rand McNally RV GPS that I might mount to the windshield.  We will see.

Mark didn’t really care for the Harley at first.  He said it was like setting on a big old couch going down the road.  After about 50 miles he started to like it more.  A 100 miles down the road he really liked it.  The ride was soft but the seat being 30 years old the leather cover was a little hard for his tender butt.

We ran into a little water problem.  This area west of Conroe got hit by the heavy rain storm we were suppose to get but didn’t.  The water was running over the road and not just setting.  plus further down the road it got worse.  We turned around.  It added about 30 or so miles to our trip but we didn’t care at all.DSCN0492

We got back about 5 PM with 225 miles for our little jaunt.  We both liked the ride and talked about it as we drank a nice cold Bud Ice.  Ahhhhhh what a nice ride.  Mark said he would get a windshield for the Harley if I would let him ride it some more.  No problem.  I think he’s getting hooked.  A Harley just rides different from other brands.  If you like it…you like it.  It’s a lot of bike and heavy.  Oh yea.  Before we left Mark was walking the bike backwards out of the barn when it happened.  Minutes before I told him about if the bike leans too much one way or the other it will fall over.  At that point, it’s best just to let it down and slow as you can because you can not stop it.  It happened and he did.  No bigee at all, not even a scratch.  He grunted real hard and lifted the bike back up.  He agreed at that point it was heavy.

I would like a ride down to Galveston via back roads if we get a chance.

Mark left and I started working on tomorrow evening’s pork butt.  Got it already and the smoker going.  It will be fine by tomorrow around early afteroon or so.  We’re expecting to feed a total of 17 people with it and with it being a pot luck typed dinner it shouldn’t be a problem.  If the weather holds out some people will be outside probably.  It’s gonna be crowded in the mobile.  This will probably be our last smoked butt dinner for awhile.  Well, maybe for November.  I got a turkey to do later this week.