Saturday, November 29, 2014

Now The Harley Is Up

OK, I thought about this and thought about it.  Lock the trailer bed down, get a 2X12 10 foot board and just drive the Harley up.  That’s what I did.DSC_0018 DSC_0019

With 750 lbs of bike on the trailer I noticed the tires were hurting.  I pumped them up to 80 psi of their 90 capable psi.  I saw cracks in the tires.  I ordered new ones on Amazon.   duh……  The tires were $90 bucks (pair) delivered.  Then $60 because I filled out an Amazon credit card application and then $30 because I also got a gift from what or why I don’t know.  Bottom line $30 for the tires.  The 12 inch tires are on wheels already. That was well worth it.

Back to the bike.  It still needs a little fine tuning but were in the ball park now.  Oh, to get the bike off I released the pin on the tilt bed and slowly backed off.  Yes the bed went up in the air after I started to back up.  No problem what’s so ever.

I tried cooking something that I never did before.  I cooked some pork ribs in the Weber gas grill.  I put muster and rub on them like I was going to smoke them.  I then put them on the grill backside down.  A few squirts of apple juice ever so often.  About 35 minutes later I turned them over for 10 minutes.  A total of 45 minutes and they were done.  They were pretty good.  Not fall off the bone but for 45 minutes they were great.  The ribs were on sale for $2 a lb and they weighed about 2.5 lbs.  Not bad at all.  Carol even liked them.

I thinking about starting a motorcycle Birds of the same Feather (BOF) group.  It falls under the RV Escapee club chapter do hicky.    Any interested parties?

See ya……