Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Another Dr Day

But wait, it was for Carol and not me.  My next one is tomorrow (Thur).  Carol’s Dr said she needs a little tune up and will do it in their office next week.  Most of the day was spent on the road or at the Dr’s.

Mark came over for a short later on.  He wanted to try on the chaps that didn’t fit me.  They didn’t fit him either.  Back they go.  He also managed to remove a star socket piece that I had broke off on the new (used) Harley.  We also did some measurements about fitting the utility trailer so it can haul motorcycles.  We made no final determinations.  I will get a rail and we will then put the motorcycle on the trailer.  We’re trying to figure out the weight distribution.  Not sure if we will extend the front or rear of the trailer one foot.  The one foot we are sure about.

Sunday is suppose to be near 80 degrees, yes 80 degrees here and we want to ride.  Excuse me.  We will ride!  Mark might take my antique Harley out.  I told him to be careful because he might get hooked on the rolling thunder of history.  His eyes just got big.

I mentioned to Carol about washing the rig (me) real soon.  She couldn’t believe it’s been this long.  MAYBE next week.  We got another smoked pork cook out Monday.  Then I got to get ready to smoke a turkey for bird day.  I’ve done one several years ago and it turned out outstanding.  I just go on line and search around and then come up with my own version.

See ya…………..