Monday, November 3, 2014

Before The Rain

Sunday was a learning curve on the new (used)Harley.  I took off the passenger seat because it was pinching me in the center of my back while riding.  When Carol wants to ride I will just put it back on.  It takes about a minute to install.  Somewhere down the road I will get another seat for her.  Afterwards I took my seat off and removed some foam padding from it.  Why they make these seats so hard I have no idea.  I also learned that the foot shift peg needs to be about 3 inches shorter.  I also soften the tires for a softer ride.  I want to adjust the underneath shocks (2) for a softer ride also.  I need a special tool for that.  It rides very stiff.  Partially due to being lowered, shocks not adjusted right and over inflated tires.  Those are things I can work with.  Plus I can’t figure out how the column lock works.  Yes, I read the manual (afterwards) and still couldn’t get it to work.   I guess I will ride the 50 miles to the dealer……darn…(sarcastic).  Here goes the kid back to the candy store.  Since it looked like rain most of the day, no riding today.

Steve and Lila Dudley left the other day.  Dave and Brenda Neil left Sunday morning.  We got replacements.  Lisa and Jim Kocca (Boot Camp) came back in today.  George and Valerie Mayleben (RV Driving School) came in last night.  Two go and two arrive.  Mac and Annie are still here.  This must be what a railroad station is like with people coming and going.  We’re usually the ones that are in and out.  Times have changed a little.

See ya…………….