Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Out Talked

Gotta get going and do something.  Nope not this morning.  I had the most severe head pain that I ever had in my life.  This is two days in a row now.  Nurse Crachet (Carol) fixed me up with her meds (Z-Pac ?).  She said that I have a sinus infection.  After taking the meds and doing all sorts of hot air breathing it went away almost all the way.  BUT it takes about 4 hours each time.  Wow, that’s some type of pain.  It’s like someone hit me with a frying pan pain – not to be confused with a headache – night and day.  blah, blah, blah, and so forth.

Greg and Jan White came over in the afternoon.  Greg & Jan have a great blog at  http://ourrvadventures.com/.  Greg wanted to see what kind of damage I did to my computer.  Mark don’t allow me to use tools on either of Harleys unless he’s around.  Greg said  I shouldn't work on computers either.  So a couple of weeks ago I figured it was time to speed up my computer so I did a few little tweaks on it.  I don’t think I’m allowed to tweak my computer anymore.  I erased from program files – my backup program and a few other little things.  Greg couldn’t undo all of my damage - the backup file I didn’t know where my disk was.  He found a free one on line and now I have a backup file.  He also undid a few other little things I did dealing with my picture files.  He said I’m not as bad as Nick though.

Afterwards we went to Texas Pete for dinner.  I ordered something I could pronounce besides taco or burrito and it was called Hidalgo.  Damn was it good.  All of our meals were over the top.  We’ve ate here before and they were good but this time they were great.  Maybe it was the friends we were eating with – nah………  I  found another person that could out talk me – Greg wins hands down.  Of course they been couped up several months on gate guarding.

I caught Greg taking a breath  so I started to talk.  Greg and Jan headed for the door.  What’s up with that?DSC_0002

This was the first time that we really got to talk (listen) with Greg and Jan.  It was really great and time flew by ever so quick.  Hopefully we can get together again down the road out west next year.

My computer stopped backing up about 4 AM this morning.  I think it went to sleep during the back up.  It’s 5 AM and 37 degrees outside.  Time to sent this off.

See ya……..