Friday, November 7, 2014

Cold Weather – Just Keep Moving

Oh what a day.  I was on the rode on the new Harley by 8:30.  Yes it was 52 degrees out.  I wanted to get to the Conroe Harley dealer so they could take a look at the suspension of the bike.  I think the ride is just to rough.  I got there about 10 AM and they took me in.  Two and half hours later they had found the problem and fixed it.  A softail bike had two shocks underneath the frame.  Both had no movement in them and one had lost a keeper key.  They adjusted them where they would work properly, no charge.  I road the Harley back to Livingston and wow what a real nice difference.  Before the adjustment I thought I was gonna have to invest in a kidney belt.  It got up to 62 degrees today.

I changed out of the cold weather biker clothes into “normal” clothes.  Carol & I went up to the clubhouse for the Boot Camp opening ceremony.   We got to meet a few of the newbies (RVers).  We volunteered to do a little help around whatever needed to be done.  Tomorrow we help serve breakfast and have to be there at 6:30 to help serve breakfast at 7 AM.  No bigee.  Then in the evening we will help with the fulltimers round table.  Newbies get to ask full timers about RVing one on one.  It’s pretty neat.

Where not done.  We picked up Mac & Annie at 5 PM and went to the downtown movies.  We went to see St. Vincent.  It’s the one with Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy (?).   We thought for sure it was gonna be a blow out comedy with those stars.  It wasn’t really a comedy, but it was real good.  We all really liked it and highly recommend it.

The night ended and it was just another active day.