Saturday, November 8, 2014

Motorcycling & Full timing

Some people don’t ride because they say it’s too dangerous.  True. Some don’t ride because of an accident they were in while riding.  Yes it’s dangerous, yes Carol & I have been in an accident (T-bone a car).  But damn it’s worth to me.  Carol isn’t too heavy into it anymore but will ride on a nice sunny warm day.  I don’t care if it’s hot or cold.  I just like that freedom.  It’s like full timing.  The freedom to move around with no ties.  Motorcycling is like full timing in some ways.  It’s damn hard to sleep on that seat or to take a shower though.  Yet to move about with the freedom like a bird is so nice to me.  Maybe I should start a motorcycle BOF (Birds Of the same Feather) chapter within the Escapees Club.  They have different BOFs already why not start another.   I will have to check into that for sure.  And the hobby expands…?