Thursday, November 6, 2014

Another Nice Day With Friends……..

It’s Thursday.  Lunch at the little La Colona Mexican Restaurant.  It looked like rain so Carol & I took the Jeep.  I wanted to take one of the Harleys but why chance it.  We had six people for lunch.  Later, others said they forgot about it. 

After lunch it cleared up a little bit.  I took the Antique Harley out for a little ride about town.  DSC_0001-001 DSC_0002-001 DSC_0003 I went about 30 miles.  It was about 64 degrees out and the windshield was missed.  It wasn’t really that bad.  It turned out to be a nice brisk ride.

Next thing you know it was dinner time.  We hadn’t ate at Florida’s yet so it was time.  Mac and Annie went with us and Jim & Lisa met us there.  Here’s the guys.  They look like twins don’t they?  Maybe they act like twins.DSCN0451

Of course here are the ladies all smiles and acting normally.  I think they knew I was taking this picture.DSCN0452

The food was great……. this was a little more than half an order.  Annie got a chicken fired steak that covered this size of plate.DSCN0455  DSCN0457

Jim had no trouble putting down a half of rack of ribs.DSCN0456

We sat around and talked.  Low and behold George and Valerie showed up with some visiting relatives.  We got to jaunt with them for a short.

Tomorrow morning I will ride over to the Conroe Harley dealer (candy shop) to see if they can make the 2012 Harley ride a little softer.  Yes it will be cold but all you have to do is dress for it.  Just like snow skiing you dress for it…duh.

Life is good………..

See ya….