Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Little Bradley Smoker

One of our town barbers here opens at 7 AM.  I was there at 7:10 and I was third.  Since the barber was a Marine I told him no high and tight but pretty close to it.  “Barber, cut that hair!”  He did a fine job.  I don’t have to part my hair or even comb it anymore.  Yepper, it’s very short.

Next was to Wal-Mart to look at some boots.  They ran from $30 to $70.  I tried on several different ones.  I wanted a waterproof pair but that just didn’t happen.  The only ones that felt nice were the $30 ones.  Maybe it’s a psychological thing.  They’re just high high tops and not boot boots.

By now it started to rain.  The hippy dippy weather person (!) had been predicting rain for a couple of days.  Well, I guess you can say he got it right, finally.

That drove me to the barn and doing stuff inside and around the bikes.  Still straitening up from the work we did last week.  Tomorrow if it clears up I will take the antique bike down to the La Colona for the weekly lunch group thing there.  I might take it out a little further after that.

Oh, I have been smoking some pork ribs during the day.  I used the little Bradley to see how it does.  It did fair on the ribs.  It cooks quicker and the rear inside cooks faster.  The ribs were basically over cooked but very eatable.  This is a slab that I cut in half and are stacked.  I’m getting ready for the foil cooking after the 3 hours of smoking.  They fell off the bone and were still tender when I got done.  About 1 lb uncooked per person is about the right ratio.  this was a two pounder which is small.  Most run about 3-4 lbs.DSC_0001 

I got 6 more lbs of pork ribs today since it was on sale for $2 a lb at H.E.B., a local grocery store.

The Country Music Awards were on last night.  What great entertainment if you like country.

Fuel prices remain down.  Diesel out on route 59 south of town is $3.19.

See ya….