Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Never Ever Assume

We went down south near Houston for Carol’s Dr appointment.  This doctor’s office is unusual.  We never wait for more than 5 minutes and this time was the same.  We go back to a room and the nurse takes Carol’s vitals.  The nurse leaves.  This where a person normally waits 10-15 minutes and gets to read every chart on all the walls.  The doc came in about a minute later with all of Carol’s test results.  Amazing that this office is so efficient and doesn’t keep the patient waiting.  What a terrific idea.  Carol has a minor beginning of some old something or another that I can’t spell or pronounce.  The doc said it was very normal and nothing really unusual and that meds will slow it down.  He was very cordial and answered all of our questions even the dumb ones.  He sees her again in 5 weeks to see if the meds has everything in check.  As we were leaving the nurse gives us a small thank you gift wrapping.  It had little gifts of pens, paper, candy, business cards and a few other little things.  Now, what do you think of that?  Baffling.  It’s like they really appreciate our business.  Many other doctors could take a lesson from this one.

On the way back we had to stop at the candy store (Harley shop).  I got a bright orange front wheel lock.  Now the new bike will have 3 locks on it.  One of them I can use on the antique bike – the bright orange wheel lock.

We got back to Livingston in time for some of Carol’s home made soup.  It was good.

Later George Mayleben of the RV Driving School come over for a chat.  Of course I had to show him my new renewed hobby of motorcycles.  He liked the bikes but said he can’t do that anymore.  He had a bad accident many years ago.  That reminds of mine and Carol’s motorcycle accident.  A car pulled out in front us in a small town and we tee boned him.  We did impact at about 30 miles an hour at the drivers door.  Carol and I got a ride to the hospital.  No broken bones just bruised pretty bad.  We were wearing helmets.  We couldn’t ride for about 6 months and it took them that long to repair the bike too.  We eventually got back to riding and continued to do so for years after that.  I think anyone who has been in a motorcycle accident drives differently – duh!  Extra extra extra cautious and don’t trust any vehicle under any condition out there.  NEVER EVER assume a vehicle sees you.  Enough of that.

See ya…….