Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Look Normal To The Doc

We went to Conroe today for my Dr appointment.  He said I looked normal but had to get some extra blood work done to make sure.  Results next week then adjust the meds probably.  Plus I see a foot Dr Thursday to make sure I’m walking straight when I drink alcohol.  Also to make sure my foot can shift the shifter on the Harley.  Something about taking the lead out of it.

We stopped at the Harley dealer on the way back.  I picked up a leather sissy seat pad replacement and a rack for the rear fender/back rest.  Before we got back to The Lot we picked up our mail/packages.  I got a rack carrier that I ordered from Amazon for the rear of the Harley.  It matches the rest of the bike and is so cool.  I hooked up a GPS and put it inside the tank bag carrier in the clear visible pocket. 

Then I spent about 3 hours in the very cold barn.  I wasn’t dressed for it.  What I thought would take about 15 minutes took longer.  It was around 40 some degrees.  I was so involved in getting things installed. Of course that didn’t go smoothly and that I overcame by shaking.   As soon as I was done I went in the rig and sat in front of the heater for a half hour to warm back up.  Maybe the Dr was wrong saying I was normal!

Pictures are coming of the Harley for those that care.

See ya…..