Monday, November 10, 2014

Last Warm Ride For Awhile

Hey it’s the Marine Corps birthday…November 10th 1775.  The oldest continuous active military service this nation has.

I just had to go for a ride today.  Light gloves, heavy shirt and I’m off at about 11:30 AM.  I had no idea which way I was going.  I stopped at the nearby gas station and filled her up.  Only 10 bucks.  That was nice especially when I get nearly 40 MPG.  It does require the hi test.  Pulling out of the station I headed south.  I ended up out in the country then in downtown Houston.  Hung a right and came north back to Livingston.  I went 150 miles without a stop.  I went on all sorts of roads to see how the adjustment to the suspension was.  The Harley rode very nice and did a great job on the bumpy roads.  I did fair.  I got back a little before 2 PM and put the Harley away.  It won’t be coming out while this very cold spell is here.  This big cold front that will effect most of the U.S. will hit us tomorrow.  We might even get a freeze at night which is rare for here this time of the year.  Over the years we’ve learned that weathermen say about the same thing were ever were at.  It seemed they would say, “This is unusual weather for this time of the year.”

See ya……….