Thursday, November 20, 2014

Officially – Two Left Feet

We left the Lot at about 7:15 to make it to Conroe for my 9:15 AM foot Dr appointment.  The Dr said I had two left feet.  No wonder why Carol can’t teach me to Line Dance.  I said to go ahead and see if he can make them better.  I told him I wanted to be able to Line Dance.  He said that would be impossible.  Oh well.  So here’s the damage.  It didn’t hurt when he cut me but it hurts now.  He cut out part of the inside nail on each toe and cut the nerves out.  Great, now I have an excuse when I fall over.  Three weeks for recovery.  I didn’t ask if I could ride the Harley or not.  The shifter is on the left foot and rear brake on the right.  No nerves so I shouldn’t feel a thing.  Ain’t they pretty?DSC_0002

My oh my there’s a Harley dealer here in Conroe.  This is where I bought the 2012 Harley several weeks ago.   Let’s see.  There’s a Harley dealer near Carol’s Dr’s and 50 miles away there is another one at my Dr’s area.  Hey, she made the Dr’s appointments.  What can I say?  They are owned by the same people.  Down in Kingwood it’s a pretty big dealer.  In Conroe it’s a small dealership which I like.  They remember you when you come in or at least act like it.  Oppps, not enough time after the Dr worked on me.

We returned just in time for lunch.  “What time is it kids?”  It’s La Colonia Mx restaurant time.  It’s like taking a step back in time in Mexico.  Down to earth Mexican food.   Nothing fancy, just good simple food served on clean plates hopefully.  Just kidding…The place is small.  How small is it?  It’s so small that the last time we ate there Mac used the restroom and we had to vacate the building quickly.  Man oh man.  No more Mexican food for Mac.  Mac has since left Livingston and before the next La Colonia lunch.  There still might be some residue left though.

I got back to the rig and was walking around like an old man doing the Wal-Mart shuffle.  I went to Riley’s Auto Parts and picked up a set of star sockets to remove the fancy cover cap (that I broke) on the shifter on the new Harley.  Well, I tried to remove the star screw and stripped it out.  Mark  cut down the other shifter I had so I could reach it to shift it better.  Now that I messed up the set screw, I’m screwed again.  Where’s that damn drill!  Think I will leave it alone for now.

Next was to install a 5 inch drop hitch on the Jeep.  I took the ball off the old 3 inch drop and installed it on the new 5 inch hitch.  There were problems but no need to get into those details.  Just me with tools in my hands.  I hooked up the utility trailer to the Jeep and all the lights work.  Tomorrow I want to go down south and pick up some steel rails for the conversion over to the bike trailer.  Then Mark & I will do some cutting and welding.  No I won’t be doing that but will be the official holder and advisor.  Mark lets me carry his tools and but not work with them too much.  I don’t why a drill can’t be used as a hammer too.  Isn’t that called a dual purpose tool?

After all this I quit work for the day……

Carol fixed some of our Alaskan halibut for dinner.  Oh so good!

See ya…………