Friday, November 28, 2014

Harley Goes Down Again….

First thing this morning I was finishing up putting the Rand McNally GPS on the newer Harley.  DSC_0002 DSC_0004

Sunday Mark and I will go riding and see how it does.

Next I went over to Mark’s place to help him and James do some work on James car.  Plus do some work on Mark’s RV and to install the rail on my motorcycle trailer.  James parked on one side of Mark’s work shop and me on the other side.  James was working on replacing his U joints on his driveshaft.  We had Mark running back and forth with advice for us.  Mark wouldn’t let me handle anything more than a drill and tighten a couple of bolts.  Then  I broke one from over tightening it.  Mark just laughed and shook his head as he was cutting it out.  He also did some cutting and welding on the trailer.  I did the screwing (up). DSCN0494At lunch time we went to La Colona and had our usual fill of Mexican food. 

Back at Mark’s we finished our work on our stuff then went and worked on Mark’s RV.  We dropped (removed) his gas tank.  The fuel lines were starting to rot away on his 19 something class C.  He ordered new lines but they won’t be in for a day or two.  We all finished and went our separate ways.

Back on our lot I decide to try out the ramp on the tilt trailer bed.  The first attempt the rear tire of the Harley got stuck trying to come up on the ramp.

Then I laid this board down to cut the angle down.  It was to great of angle before that’s why the tire couldn’t make the trip up the ramp with the bed up in the air.  You had to be there to understand probably.DSCN0497

That was a failure as you can see.  I was near the top when the bike and I fell over.  Yes, I drove it on.  The trailer would not drop down in the front to make it level or it would have been a piece of cake.  I  couldn’t hold the bike up with the trailer bed up so high.  Gravity has priority and down we went.  Here’s Wayne surveying the fall.  Dave and Jon came over too.  DSC_0012

We set the bike up which wasn’t hard.DSC_0016

Then just backed it up slowly down off the trailer which was still in the up position.DSC_0017

Not a scratch on the Harley.  “It just keeps on ticking.”  Yes I practiced with the old Harley before the new Harley goes on it.  duh…………

Plan B…don’t use the tilt feature on the trailer to load the bike.  I think I will get a 2 by 12  ten foot board and just ride the bike up on the board on the trailer with the bed locked down instead of being up.  If you can’t ride a motorcycle in a straight line on a 12 inch wide board then maybe you shouldn’t be on way is what I think.  Anyhow, THEN when I want to off load the Harley put the bed in the up position and back it off – I think! 

Tomorrow I will put Plan B in action.