Monday, August 13, 2012

Zooming & Full Timing

A lot of RVers when they start full timing they go thru a zoom stage.  That is where they have to see everything real quick because they want to make sure they see everything.  This usually lasts about 1 to 3 years.  Then they start to slow down and to use the old adage, “slow down and smell the roses.”  Well after 12+ years of being in that zooming stage we are smelling the roses a little more.  We (I) are slow learners.  In years past we usually put on about 20+K miles a year.    Yep, 20 thousand miles a year.  That’s zooming to the fullest.  We will be getting down around the 6-7K miles now. This year we have been setting three to four weeks in an area more often.  That’s a long time for us (me).  Of course our 2 1/2 month old Jeep has almost 3K miles (non towing) on it.  Later this week we will start a month in the Banning, CA area.  We feel like we are a little more organized in that we have time to do things and take care of things.  Of course the heat is putting a hurting on that.  Now we do set in Livingston, Tx for most of November and December for several years but the weather chases out of there.  At least that’s the excuse we (I) use.  A couple of times even longer due to medical reasons (me).

So anyhow…… on the road after 12+ years is still great even though it’s friggin hot!

See ya……..