Friday, August 3, 2012

We Did What?

We ended yesterday’s blog with, “Tomorrow we will be doing something that we normally don’t do………no not that!”

No we didn’t get another vehicle.  We moved to another site with 50 AMP.  We have to pay $5 plus tax  for it.  I’m a little pissed about the $5 and then to charge tax on top of it is in insult.  We’re already paying for 30 AMP, which is not 30 AMP, and to upgrade to 50 AMP is an increase of $5 plus tax.  This big rig doesn’t burn $5 (plus tax) a day in electricity TOTAL and they are charging me MORE.  That’s price gauging and we (RVers) are letting parks do this.  $2 is OK but then to go higher is more profit for the greedy.  I’m sending an email to TTN tell them.  It doesn’t really help but I will feel better.

We can only run one AC on 30 AMP.  If it was a true 30 AMP service we can run two ACs and be at 28-29  AMPS.  But since 30 AMP is not a true 30 AMP (about 26 AMP) in almost all parks we will get the 50 AMP.  It’s been border line of being miserable inside the coach.  It’s time to move to a 50 AMP site.DSCN0728

We decided to put “stuff” on the trailer for the move.  It added up quick.DSCN0725  

The site even has a paver block patio that another person put in.  One of those long term sites probably.  No shade but we can put the awning out here plus still park all of our vehicles on the site.DSCN0726


We got the front and rear AC’s running fine.  The middle one is still waiting on the repair guy to do his thing.  I’m getting a gut feeling that says something is wrong with this situation. 

The Razor has had a fuel leak from day one. I was told about by Jean when we bought it so it isn’t no surprise. I tried JB Weld and that didn’t hold. A friend and fellow 08 Razor here said to take it this motorcycle place just a few miles down the road. They just fixed his and no leak. I'll give it a try, what the hell.

We had two creature buddies at our old site.  One was a young Robin that hangs around a lot.  It has that curious baby look the other is a big toad.  He hangs around the water spigot.  PLUS A LOT OF ANTS.  We got them on trees, the ground and our “stuff”. They are tiny and they are big.  I saw several big husky ants carry a class C over towards their ant hill. Who knows what our new site will have for us.  Here’s a nearby hawk that Carol got a picture of.DSCN0730

I called the repair facility that had our Razor.  I got the old line “I was just getting ready to call you.”  They put a hole in my gas tank trying to chip the JB Weld off.  They asked me if I wanted them to “TRY” and repair it with JB Weld or take it as is.  I was really tempted to cut lose on this guy but didn’t.  Now I’m suppose to pick it up first thing tomorrow morning.  It won’t have a new gasket on it plus a repaired whole in the tank now.  I went from a leaky gasket to a whole in the tank.  This will be an adventure!

It was nice to have two AC’s running, hot water, & frig running at the same time.  We could even use the microwave without turning anything off.   The outside temp hit 100 degrees and the inside temp was in the high 70s.  That’s fine for us…..

See ya……