Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mickey Ds and Toad Shield

People have been asking about Mickey D’s restaurant here in Wickenburg.  Here it is…DSCN0807 DSCN0809 DSCN0810 DSCN0811

I ordered a Roadmaster tow shield (Tow Defender) Friday.  It came today…yea.  I sat in the shade (107 degrees) putting this thing together.  I want it ready to use Thursday. DSCN0813

I thought I was doing alright then………my tow bar needs to be extended.  The shield needs to miss the body of the rig and tail pipe.DSCN0814

I went to three places to get an extension – no good.  The fourth place was a winner.  They had a 12’ extension and it happened to be by Roadmaster even.  Got back and it wouldn’t work.  The piece that slides on won’t slide over the extension. The big piece should slide down towards the end but won’t.  Thus no help.DSCN0812 

I tried to take it back to the store but they were closed.  Guess where I will be early tomorrow morning.  I will call Roadmaster and ask, “What’s up?”  I think they’re answer will be I should get the 7 1/2 “ extension.  I think the 12 inch has extra outside thickness on it for support.  There is no 7 1/2” extension in the area.  Looks like I will have to finish this job later down the road.

Tomorrow could be a real hectic day being it’s the last day here.  I got a call from a Polaris dealer in Prescott Valley who wants to help me resolve the leaky fuel tank on the Polaris.  Strange….. He said he would call Polaris and give me a call tomorrow.  He also needs the Razor of course if Polaris will repair – FREE only.  That means I will have to get it out of the shed.  I nailed it in and will have to take the wall down again.DSCN0799 Get it out. Put the wall back up and then take it about 40-50 miles away.  I’m waiting for two contractors that I should be talking to tomorrow about getting main service on the lot.  They both know we are leaving Thursday.  I also have to finish up drawing a Plan for the Park and deliver it here at North Ranch for the electrical work.  Other than all that and getting the rig ready to travel – not much going on.

See ya….