Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Newmar/Friends Depart/New Friends Met

I forgot to mention that Jon worked on my computer and then Carol’s.  We both wanted to use Microsoft Outlook as an email getter and sender what ever that is called.  This way we don’t have to read/prepare emails on line.  I had the Outlook with the school (wizwire) but since no school now I didn’t know how to get it to work with Gmail and Carol with AOL.  Jon changed it over plus did a few other things to speed up the process and added a thing or two.  Bottom line – the computers are easier to use with emails.  THANKS JON.

Jon and Sue left today.  DSC_0058That is after Sue went to line dancing with Carol until noon.  Check out is 4 PM.  That’s unusual but really not needed by full timers that much.  It’s more of a local weekender thing.  Here they are getting their rig ready.  It looked funny they were working for the same thing to get ready and both going in different directions. DSC_0056 DSC_0057  

The other day I said we were going to Thousand Trails Idyllwild  from here tomorrow.  My bust.  We are going to Thousand Trails Soledad which is near Palmdale. It’s a big 115 miles.  Back to the heat and only 30 AMP probably.  Such is life.  We will live thru it - miserably.  Something to moan and groan about besides Newmar.  Newmar called me after a week.  They said to take the Beast to ANY dealer to repair the roof and they would cover the cost of it.  Just have the dealer call them.  Any time frame as long as it’s not leaking (DUH).  We can wait till November and Texas if we want.  That’s cool..

We were invited to a pot luck dinner with some new friends.  They are workkampers here at the campground.  They are Sharon, Vicki and JohnDSCN0945

They were vendors years ago and we knew a lot of the same people.  That was petty neat.  We will see them again in Quartzsite.  Right now Vicki is a wannabe and she is really excited.  Sharon & John have been full timing the same about of time as we have, 12 years.  We were there about 5 hours and had a great time every minute.  We all got our share of talking.  Thanks guys.

See ya………………….