Saturday, August 11, 2012

Keep Looking – They Will Come

Walt……getting a little lonely?SDC12339

The sun came up about 5:30 AM and I headed for the shed.  I dropped off some “stuff” so we won’t have to carry it to Texas and then back to here.  Plus I left some more Razor parts that I found while straitening out the Beast’s belly.  After that Carol & I went for a walk.  It was starting to get warm so it wasn’t a real big walk (40 minutes). 

I  then changed the water filters – all four.  I haven't done that since April.

I’ve been trying to get an  estimate or two to have someone install the main electric pedestal on our new lot.  So far it’s been dead ends.  If anybody can recommend someone here at North Ranch/Congress area let me know.

I ordered a tow shield.  It’s the cloth one that goes from the rear of the RV to the front of the Jeep.  A Roadmaster 4750 from . I think I will have to make some parts to make it work the way I want.  I will probably will need to confer with Ed Kruty on how to make it fancy.

I took that picture of Walt several months ago here at North Ranch.  Now that this place is pretty quiet, it fits.

Oh we got a pair of owls here that roam the park at night.  They are pretty vocal and move all over the park. 

It’s 4:30 AM right now and it’s 85 degrees outside.  I went out to watch for the meteor shower.  I saw one shooting star.  It was nice outside.

See ya…..