Saturday, August 18, 2012

Full Timer’s Dilemma

We drove over to Thousand Trails (TTN) Idyllwild about 14 miles south of here.  One problem that full timers have is where to stay over a major holiday.  That’s one reason why we belong to TTN.  They have about 50 parks or so and we can stay in one of them over the holidays.  Our other memberships due not allow us in their parks over the major holidays which is normal for reciprocal membership systems like Coast to Coast, RPI and AOR.  Staying at a relative or friend with a large driveway is also nice.  We had already made reservations at TTN Idyllwild and figured we would drive over and check it out since we have never been there.  We were greeted with a very cheerful ranger who informed us that one large section was closed due to a storm several weeks ago.  A transformer got fried so there is no electric.  He also said it would not be repaired by Labor Day Weekend.   Knowing TTN it won’t be repaired until next year.  We drove around the park.  They had about 15 or so sites (occupied) that could handle big rigs (over 35 feet) easy.  A lot of the sites were very uneven and just out and out terrible.  It’s a camper campground meaning small RVs under 25 feet for weekenders. 

We returned back to our “Resort” and got on the computer immediately.  We cancelled our reservations and now what?  We thought about the Elks.  That’s a maybe for Palmdale or Lancaster.  Wal-Mart is out of the question.  Not for a weekend.  OK for a night to park at but not to camp at.  We decided to go back to the TTN system.  TTN Rancho Oso in Santa Barbara is an additional 150 miles out of our way.  How about TTN Soledad?  It’s gonna be hot.  Probably in the 90s and will have only 30 AMPS.  Well, we went ahead and made reservations to arrive 29 August and depart 12 September (14 days) at TTN Soledad (near Palmdale).  Then we will head for Visalia/Fresno area.

This is just another adventure, some call a dilemma, for us full timers.  Life is still good…….

See ya…………..