Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Get “ER” Done

We started with an early walk..Early like at 6 AM.  During our walk we saw this neat bikeDSCN0815 DSCN0816

Never heard of this manufacture.DSCN0817

The campground is basically empty…duh…DSCN0818

almost emptyDSCN0819

Well I decided to put the Roadmaster Tow Defender on today.  It was over cast and only in the 90s.  Damn that sounds so wrong.  Anyhow…DSCN0820 DSCN0821

It took two trips to a welder to get a part modified the way I needed it to be.  Almost done – kinda.DSCN0822

I had to get a 12’ receiver extension to get the material away from my exhaust.  I also had a bracket raised up higher (welder).  I also had to drill some extra holes on two bar extensions that go on the Jeep.DSCN0823 DSCN0824 DSCN0825


Here it is all tucked away.  I still have to check it out when the RV is turning.  It is centered but the photo shot isn’t.  I still have to get two 12” extensions made up for the safety chains.  That will be at Lowe’s tomorrow probably.  Everything else is alrightDSCN0826

Well, if the “guys” were here it might have taken longer but I would have had a lot more fun.  I was determined to make this thing work.  The sun stayed behind the clouds most of the day and I really appreciated that and took advantage of it.  I probably had about 5 hours into it with the modifications that had to be done.

With the 12” extension I still can tow 6,000 lbs (vice 10,000) which is more than enough.  I use  what I call hitch tighters so I don’t have any movement what so ever in the hitch and receivers.  Not even a little – none!

Sometimes full timers have to work on their “stuff”  and have to do it by themselves for what ever the reason.  This was my case today.  I never worked with this kind of shield much less making modifications. Bottom line I wanted it done and done a certain way so I had to do it.  Welcome to the life of a full timer.  Some things are harder than others.  You don’t know until you try.  If you can’t do it yourself or your screw it up, find a friend or throw money at it.  I don’t like the latter.

Overall – job well done if I say so myself.

I will let you know how it works as time goes on.

See ya………