Sunday, August 26, 2012

Full Timing & Buying Stuff/Schedule & Fuel

Where do I buy the RV “stuff” we need when we are out and about enjoying full timing?  We now buy a lot of our “stuff” on line.  Years ago you had to buy at stores.  First I have to have a need for “something”.  I need time to research the item if it cost over $50 or so.  I love Google.  These on line companies like EBay and Amazon sell just about anything and can be shipped anywhere I go or will go, even Alaska.  I just found a new on line company that I got my Roadmaster Tow Defender from.  They had an on line price of $335 delivered that I couldn’t beat.  Most wanted about $450.  Just because they are on line don’t mean it’s always the best price…..research on line like I said.  Anyhow this new to me on line for RV “stuff” is  I met the owner (Dennis)and his wife several years.  We were both vendors at a Nick Russell Rally  I never really searched out his product (on line sales).  I came across his name again via Nick’s Blog  I thought I would give them a try.  His prices seemed to be pretty good and thus I bought my RV “stuff”.  So, check them out and see if they can help you.

FUEL…….real quick.  It will now (today) cost us 10 cents a mile more than just a couple of months ago.  Don’t sound like much.  Go 400 hundred miles in one day.  That’s $40 friggin dollars.  It will cost us an additional $300 to get to Texas.  At this rate I won’t have to worry about losing weight and eating out – can’t afford to drive anywhere.  This has to have a major impact on all businesses.  I don’t like the federal government involvement unless it’s something big.  HEY – this is something big!!!!!  OK enough said.

We are getting caught up on our “things to do list” fast.  I even backed up both our computers for the second time this year.  If you know me I’m an expert on not doing a back up for a long time.  I just don’t like doing it for some reason.  A couple of years ago I had a major failure of one computer and lost everything and no back up.  I almost learned then.  I went out and bought all the necessary back up stuff but still have a hard time backing up.  Such is life.

During Carol & my morning 1 hour walk this morning we made some schedule decisions.  We put our jello schedule in the frig to set up.  After our daughter's graduation in mid September we will aim for Thousand Trails (TTN) Lake of the Springs northeast of Yuba City, CA.  There’s a Line Dancing Rally towards the end of October.  Before then we will head for TTN Idyllwild this week for a two week stay before heading north.  Then a week or so around Fresno.  Then to TTN Yosemite for a couple of weeks.  Then northward bound.  We plan to visit friends up in central CA.  Then some more friends over near Sparks, NV, Las Vegas and then to North Ranch for a week or so to see if we can get the electric thing up and working on our lot.  After that we will head for Livingston, TX pretty quick around early November.  That said…it’s in jello but in the frig setting up…..

Enough said………….

See ya…………..